The gentle facelift with laser collagen stimulation

What is 4D?

4D is a new, revolutionary treatment method especially for your face. Starting with the tightening of the cheek and lips in the oral cavity, the following areas are treated step by step: small skin imperfections, decreasing elasticity and tension, texture. A 4D treatment addresses not only one, but all important phenomena of skin ageing. The results with Fotona 4DM are correspondingly results with the Fotona 4D method.

How does 4D work?

The beauty of 4D is that the laser light simply awakens the self-healing powers present in your skin. This makes 4D a natural aesthetic treatment. To achieve this goal, 4D works with different thermal stimuli. Depending on the wavelength used, the duration of the individual laser pulse and its intensity, the different stimuli typical of 4D are created. And each of these stimuli in turn triggers a reaction in your skin. And this reaction does not just act in isolation, but forms together with the others into a comprehensive skin renewal.

The basis - SmoothLiftin

The basis - SmoothLiftin

The long-stretched, gentle Er:YAG Smooth pulses are applied intraorally to the lips and cheeks. cheeks. This stimulates neocollagenesis and neovascularisation. More volume  and firmness are the basis for the next steps.

The purity - FRAC3

The purity - FRAC3

Short high-energy Nd_YAG-FRAC3-pulses are transmitted over the entire skin layer chromophores of the smallest and and smallest skin impurities. The high energy denatures these and ensures clear, luminous clear, luminous complexion.

The structure - PIANO

The structure - PIANO

With the long Nd:YAG piano pulses, you heat the the skin slowly and sustainably. This deep thermal stimulus sets off an entire cascade of formation of heat-shock proteins of processes for skin renewal.

The impression - SupErficial

The impression - SupErficial

In the "cold" Er:YAG mode, you remove the corneal layer the corneal layer superficially. After this light peeling, the skin glows with youthful freshness.

What do I pay attention to with 4D?

The 4D method leaves your skin surface intact: It is therefore classified as non-invasive and does not require you to take any time out.

After the treatment, you will already feel the activating effect of 4D. Blood circulation is improved, and depending on the intensity, it may also feel like a mild sunburn. Your skin may also peel superficially over the next 10 days. However, all this shows is that your skin is working and renewing itself.

Therefore, avoid direct sunlight and stressful activities even after the treatment. Allow your skin to rest a little longer and – according to your doctor’s instructions – take care of it.

You will see the first results after only a few days. However, the regeneration process set in motion by 4D will continue for about two months. During this time, improvements will continue to slowly appear. The final result can therefore only be assessed afterwards.

What does 4D give me?

The 4D treatment is a true all-round programme to refresh the face quickly and effectively. It works precisely in the areas that are considered to be mainly responsible for the impression of ageing.

  • 4D tightens and firms the cheeks, mouth and lip area.
  • 4D eliminates minor sun damage and ageing pigments.
  • 4D provides a volume gain and
  • 4D renews and tightens your face.

Just as the 4D treatment treats the whole face, laser can also be used to target individual areas. Ask your doctor about Liplase for the lips, Smooth-eye for the eye area, Thight-Sculpting for body firming, etc.

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